A Trip Down Under!

Four of us (i.e., Umana, Shelly, Selina and Sharful) had decided to have a trip ‘down under’ during 2010. We decided Melbourne could be an ideal place to visit Australia for the very first time! Here’s one of the videos (posted in YouTube by ’experiencemelbourne’ channel in 2009) that we had watched initially before setting […]

Sights of Putrajaya in Malaysia

In late 2011, I went to Malaysia for a pleasure trip. I stayed at Damansara, not very far away from KL. Here I found my long lost friend and class mate Afsana Jahan, who came all the way from Gombak to Damansara, only to see me with her children. We had a girls’ day out […]

Bosphorous Cruise!

Hey there everybody! I haven’t been able to catch up with you all lately due to my sojourn at Istanbul, Turkey. I still was on the go and was yet to return to my destination at Knoxville, Tennessee. Nonetheless, while on the go I wrote this piece, since I could not defer sharing this amazing […]