The Enchanting World of Coca-Cola!

Here is my post on the ‘World of Coca-Cola!’ in Atlanta, Georgia. One fine morning I and my junior at school set out to have an expedition of interesting sites in our nearby state of Atlanta, where we visited the Coke Museum and the CNN Center. This visit was worth it. One of the first attractions […]

A Short and Sweet Serendipitous Sojourn in Qatar By Chance!

A couple of months back while I was returning from my home country Bangladesh to the USA, I and Shelly had pre-booked our return flight via the Qatar Airways. Unfortunately, we never knew at that time that the Qatar air travel industry was put in a tough spot later and their travel schedule faced a lot […]

A Breathtaking View of Dubai Fountain!

This video above is a breathtaking view of the world’s largest artificial fountain called the Dubai Fountain at Downtown Dubai. I recorded this video during our (me and my friends’) 2010 visit to Dubai and had posted this video on my Facebook timeline and my own YouTube channel bz bee. The Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest […]

Breathtakingly Beautiful Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta!

Once my comprehensive exam for Ph.D. was over, before Shelly left for our home country Bangladesh, Shelly and I set out for a sojourn at Atlanta, which was not very far away from Tennessee. Atlanta was actually a neighboring state. One of the seniors of our Alma Mater came to fetch us from the station and […]

A Majestic Rickshaw Ride in the Central Park of New York!

The rickshaw is a regular mode of transport in a country like Bangladesh! Those who are not able to afford a car, opt for a rickshaw ride where the light, two-wheeled carrier is drawn by a human. This cycle-like very affordable transport is used in order to enable many passengers to ply from one place to […]

Exciting ‘Kilimanjaro Safari’ at the Disney World

Dear All: I beg your pardon for not being around for a while. I was kind of busy as well as disheartened due to the fact that so many comments for these posts were possibly generated by bots! You might notice as to why so many readers’ comments seem so identical! This is the reason […]

More on Bosphorous… and the Legend of Maiden’s Tower

Hello all! Do you remember the last time I talked about the Bosphorus Cruise at Istanbul? Many of you readers wanted me to write more on Bosphorous and so here I am with some more information. I and Shelly were quite pleased with the Big Bus hop-on-hop-off double-decker bus service elsewhere in Dubai and Singapore and once […]