The Enchanting World of Coca-Cola!

Here is my post on the ‘World of Coca-Cola!’ in Atlanta, Georgia.

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One fine morning I and my junior at school set out to have an expedition of interesting sites in our nearby state of Atlanta, where we visited the Coke Museum and the CNN Center. This visit was worth it.


One of the first attractions was the galleries of advertisement of Coca-Cola’s vintage posters! As an advertisement student, I could not find anything more intriguing!




There also is a couch where the visitors can sit for a while to take pictures of the Coca-Cola vintage advertisements backdrop.

Once you are in the museum, you cannot ignore the installation of the Coca-Cola contoured-shaped bottle!


The different sizes of the very famous contoured bottle of Coke were showcased in the display walls.

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My friend Moon and I were pretty much excited to stumble across the coke tasting vending machines where they keep all the different tastes of Coca-Cola sold worldwide! If you go to the Museum, it is a must try!



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There is a coke transit installation in yellow which we found interesting, too!

A gimmick of Coca-Cola formula vault is also showcased to the visitors, that I believe, was not real yet interesting.

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If you want to learn the history of the Coca-Cola bottles and the inventor of the magic formula of Coke, you must go visit the museum. It will be an intriguing experience to remember.




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