Exciting ‘Kilimanjaro Safari’ at the Disney World

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I beg your pardon for not being around for a while. I was kind of busy as well as disheartened due to the fact that so many comments for these posts were possibly generated by bots! You might notice as to why so many readers’ comments seem so identical! This is the reason why I had lost my zeal of being around for so many apparent postings by the so-called bots and not real human beings!

Anyway, finally I realized I should not deprive my genuine ‘real human’ readers, and now let me start today’s post with Disney’s beautiful big idea of having the Disney customers experience a safari right in the midst of the Disney park! I can tell you, this was the best experience I had among all the features that I experienced at Disney World.

I would like to give credit and acknowledge a magnificent YouTube video shared by BigFatPanda YouTube channel. You would get a feel of the ride from here, too!

Too bad it was amidst torrential rains while I and Shelly tried this experience! I was completely doused despite having a poncho over me! You can see in the picture how I was completely awash with rain!


I had experienced night safari in Singapore Zoo but each safari has a beauty of its own. One should definitely check out this beautiful safari in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. There are hippos, lions, gazels, giraffes, elephants, storks, ostriches, hippos, and so many exotic animals in Disney’s Animal Kingdom there.

The tour was about less than half an hour but I wished we could stay in that ride a little longer! The torrential rains also possibly truncated the time and the fun one could enjoy. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this to everyone visiting the World Disney World in Florida. The pictures actually are worth a thousand words, so I wouldn’t want to blabber much! I just want to let you all know that since I am not a robot, I would ignore the duplicate comments that would possibly be posted by the so-called ‘bots’! And therefore, I might not reply to those comments that don’t seem authentic/seem questionable to me!

Without further ado, let me take you to a virtual tour of this magnificent ride with the snapshots of the pictures that I took while being on the safari:


Here are some more…



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