My Visit to A Resort in the Midst of Lush Tea Gardens, A Sequel…

Hi there everybody! In my last post I said I shall be making a sequel to my post on the resort I visited this summer while I was in my home country – Bangladesh. Today I would write some more on that topic. While I went for a visit there my friends were looking forward to spending some quality time in a relatively new resort somewhere in Bangladesh and therefore we chose The Palace Resort  in Habiganj at Sylhet, which is a hilly region of the country. Here are some of the pictures I clicked while I was there. It was rainy out there. The dark clouds and the verdant green was pretty awesome though.

2015 September 457

2015 September 393

2015 September 4592015 September 460

I usually like to share my travel experiences with my readers so this is no different and I do not get patronized by any business brands so whatever I like or dislike, I am free to express in my blog. Let me share some videos of the relatively new resorts I have found in the area while browsing through the YouTube.

Here’s the video uploaded by The Palace Luxury Resort‘s own YouTube channel:

A serendipitous find in Monzurul Alam YouTube channel on this trip to this resort. Here are the two videos. Thanks to him, with his videos a quick tour of the resort could be presented to my audience. So here goes. Enjoy!

Actually our group had gone there when it was in the stage of soft-opening. At that time 02 days max was good enough. The staff was friendly there and could speak good English. Food was okay. Pineapple juice was quite good. By the way, there is humid and rainy climate out there. While we were there it rained cats and dogs. The resort is quite huge and nice. It was 10k of BDT per night at that time. For the chauffeurs there wasn’t much entertainment except television at that time. The chauffeurs weren’t allowed to roam around freely in the resort most probably due to security reasons. There were two movie theaters, separate gyms as well as a common gym facility. There was an ‘infinity’ pool but that wasn’t like the Singapore Marina Bay Sands infinity pool. Overall, the experience was good. But I guess it could’ve been better. There were many ongoing projects so hopefully there would be some more attractions by now.

2015 September 367

The lobby of the resort was not enormous but it was cozy enough to make the guests comfortable after a long journey. What I found interesting in the lobby was the balloon-shaped lights that changed colors! It was very nice to took at. Here are some more interesting colors that were displayed while we waited at the lobby (There were more pictures on the balloons yet I am sharing only a few!):

2015 September 360

2015 September 369

The place is verdant green. And they grow pineapples nearby. So I found the pineapples stacked in the vicinity which was quite interesting. The pineapple juice that I ordered and the pineapple juice I took while they served during buffet breakfast was pretty awesome, too.

2015 September 424

You can see the stack of pineapple they hoard for each day’s supply (pictured above). The picture below is quite a favorite picture of mine while we were leaving from the tower to take a stroll through the resort.

2015 September 469

On the last day me and Shelly went to experience fishing at the resort. You can see there was an attendant who helped Shelly with the fish food and the snare for fishing.

2015 September 4662015 September 472

Shelly enjoyed his fishing expedition a lot and so did my friends. The resort is preparing to have an arrangement for guests’ fishing and cooking afterwards in the resort area. Hopefully there would be so much more to enjoy in all the resorts in Sylhet in the coming years. Shall be updating the site if I get any more information. Till then, take care and do visit this site for updates.



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