Dune Drive in Dubai!

After the last presentation session of the ERPBSS conference (that I went to in November 2011, more on that on my previous post), the delegates were taken on a dune drive excursion event. Here is the snapshot of a section of the fleet of cars that were about to take off for a dune adventure […]

A Conference to Remember!

It was the mid 2011 when I proactively sent a conference paper to an international conference in Dubai. I always wanted to experience such an event (i.e. an international conference) and therefore, was really besides myself with joy once the conference paper was accepted in the ERPBSS (Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences) organized […]

My Visit to the Seven-Star Hotel in the World!

It was 1999 when I went to Dubai for the very first time. This picture of mine also has a special significance to me as I was standing in front of Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai, the world’s only 7-star hotel and also the world’s tallest! This photo was clicked in early 1999 by my one and […]