I Survived ‘The Edge’! My Visit to Eureka Skydeck at Melbourne

All four of us (Umana, Shelly, Sharful and Selina) went to see the Eureka Skydeck at Melbourne, Australia in 2010. This is the highest skyscraper in Melbourne. It offers an awe inspiring view of the city of Melbourne from the Southern Hemisphere’s highest vantage point. Located on the southern banks of the Yarra river of Melbourne, Eureka […]

A Trip Down Under!

Four of us (i.e., Umana, Shelly, Selina and Sharful) had decided to have a trip ‘down under’ during 2010. We decided Melbourne could be an ideal place to visit Australia for the very first time! Here’s one of the videos (posted in YouTube by ’experiencemelbourne’ channel in 2009) that we had watched initially before setting […]

The Genting Highlands Adventure in Malaysia

Four of us friends (Sharful, Selina, Shelly, and Umana) went to the Genting Highlands in Malaysia back in August, 2008. Genting Highlands is a famous hill resort that is about 5,710 feet above the ground and it is situated within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. […]

Pattaya Blues!

With this blog post on ’Pattaya Blues’ I am going to reminisce about my sojourn at Pattaya, Thailand. I am terming this short trip as my “Pattaya Blues” since I couldn’t enjoy as expected due to sudden illness :(((( yet I am glad that my friends were around! This was the Pattaya pristine seascape view […]

My Travel Mates!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend! I thought I should introduce my travel mates to you with whom I have traveled a lot around the world and inside my home country thus far. Here are my travel mates: Shelly / Mirza: Here is my life’s best friend, my travel mate […]

Darjeeling Sight Seeing Tours

The Kolkata (Calcutta) inhabitants often find respite from its fierce and scorchy summer heat with seeking refuge in the hill station at Darjeeling! Four of us again set out for a trip to Darjeeling in India via road, crossing the borders of Bangladesh. Darjeeling is on a high altitude, and one could catch the clouds […]